What Is Included in a Basic House Cleaning?

Young housewife cleaning house with vacuum cleaner

Living in a clean and organized space improves focus, boosts your mood, and can help give you a sense of order and control. But you don’t have to do all the house cleaning by yourself. 

As a matter of fact, hiring a professional home cleaning service can be a better decision as you leave the job to professionals who know how to do it right. 

Cleaning might be a tough task for some people. If you have to take care of kids, you’re not physically well, or you work long hours, even doing the simplest tasks can be a burden. So, what is included in a basic house cleaning? Keep reading to learn more about this topic.

What Is Included in a Basic House Cleaning?

Many people do the basic cleaning by themselves. But if you can’t, professional house cleaning services have got your back. These services offer several packages to tackle all sorts of cleaning tasks, and understanding what every package includes will help you pick the right one. Here’s what you can get with a basic house cleaning. 

Dusing Surfaces

This includes tackling all tables, dressers, closets, and shelves to remove the accumulated dust. It also includes removing dust from houseplants. Professional cleaners start from higher surfaces and then move to the lower ones, including chair legs, to avoid spreading the dust. 

Closeup of a woman cleaning a wooden table using a cleaning spray

Vacuuming Floors and Rugs

This will remove most of the dust and facilitate other cleaning tasks. 

Vacuuming Upholstery Furniture

After dusting, cleaning professionals might vacuum your upholstery furniture, and any stains will be removed from the fabric. 

Mopping and Sweeping the Floors 

The remaining dust will be removed using cleaning products and water, and cleaners will dry all the surfaces properly. This also includes the hard-to-reach areas, like under the beds and sofas. 

Cleaning Windows and Mirrors

Glass cleaners will remove dust, marks, and streaks, leaving your glass surfaces sparkling. Of course, the outside of the house won’t be ignored, as cleaning professional will clean the window sills and ledges too. 

Wiping Door Handles and Light Fixtures

All metal and glass accessories will be cleaned using adequate products and tools. 

Cleaning the Kitchen

A worker with yellow gloves cleaning a cook in a kitchen, closeup

This includes cleaning the inside and outside of kitchen appliances like the microwave and oven. It also includes wiping the countertops and kitchen cabinets. 

Doing the dishes, cleaning the inside of the fridge, and organizing and cleaning the inside of kitchen cabinets can be done for an extra fee. 

Changing Linens and Doing Laundry

Depending on your cleaning service, this might be done for an extra fee. 

Cleaning the Bathroom

Cleaners will clean the sink, shower room, bathtub, and bathroom floors. The toilet will be cleaned and disinfected, too. 

Emptying Trash

Normally, your cleaners will empty the trash and remove everything after cleaning your house, leaving it squeaky clean. 

Wrap Up

Cleaning services offer many packages to cater to the needs of every household. It’s crucial to understand what is included in your package and ask questions if something doesn’t seem clear. You might have to pay extra for a special service, like doing the laundry, but it will be worth it in the end.