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Looking for an Apartment Move Out Cleaning?

About Our Move In or Move Out Cleaning Services

Moving isn’t always a walk in the park and there’s a lot to think about. You’re packing, planning, and coordinating the details, so leave the cleaning to us.  We’re here to make your transition easier. That way, you know you’re walking into a dazzling place to call home or close your last chapter so it’s cleansed for someone new. If you are looking for a DC apartment cleaning service, do not hesitate to reach out to us today for a free estimate.

If you’re ready to check one more thing off your list, book your Move Out/ Move In House Cleaning Service ahead of time.

apartment move out cleaning

Bloom Move In/ Move Out House Cleaning services include:

  • Full cleansing of your new or old space around your moving schedule
  • Coordination with a caring team and pleasant interactions
  • Fully online booking, scheduling, and payment
  • Eco-friendly products that care for your health and the environment
  • Staff who makes it easy to trust your home will be immaculate every time

    Frequently Asked Questions: Move In/ Move Out House Cleaning Services

    When do you need Move In House Cleaning Services?

    When you’re about to enter a new space, a move in house cleaning service gives you a fresh start to move furniture, decorations, and family into. You can get to curating and enjoying your new space faster when we’ve done the dirty work for you, and you’ll never need to worry about cleaning a mess that isn’t yours.

    Do you offer a guarantee for a Move In or Move Out Cleaning?

    Your satisfaction is our priority, and if you aren’t 100% pleased after a service, we will always be open to working out a solution. We do everything we can to meet your expectations and appreciate feedback within 24 hours of a service to take prompt action.

    When do you need Move Out Cleaning Services?

    When leaving a space, you might need to get it ready for new people or a full clean to get a security deposit back. That’s where we come in to help you close this chapter and know that you’re walking away from a clean and freshly-sanitized area to head to a new one.

    What are the health benefits of a Move In Cleaning Service?

    You never know what happened in a home you’re about to live in. A house cleaning supports improved air quality and fewer germs in every room you’ll spend time in. Beyond the cleanliness itself, it also offers stress reduction, improved sleep, and sanitization of items that touch your food to offer a whole-body health benefit (which we all know we need after a move!)


    Cleaning products can also contain chemicals that irritate individuals topically and internally. Our eco-friendly products ensure your home is free of harmful airborne chemicals that can cause allergies and asthma while still maintaining a standard of cleanliness that you feel great about.

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